Welcome to our web - wood cutouts

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This fun set will make for a fun Halloween DIY sign or wreath.

The set is wood pieces only. Peel the paper cover off and then paint the way you want using any kind of paint with a brush, spray paint or stain. Add them into a wreath or use them on a sign blank. The back of the words 'Welcome to our web' have double sided tape, I did not add the tape to the other pieces because you may use them in a way that the back will show. 

I use birch plywood with an MDF core, they are perfect for indoor use but can be used on a covered porch out of the weather if you seal them well with an exterior protective clear coat after painting. 

The longest web is 9 x 5.25 and the 'Welcome to our web' background is 7 x 4.25.

Other products you will need:                                                                                                   Craft paint, spray paint or stain. Many people prefer to make decor that goes with what they already have so by you providing the paint or stain you get the colors you love.           Craft or wood glue if you will be using a sign blank, hot glue if you will be adding into a wreath.                                                                                                                                       Glitter or glitter spray if you'd like to add some sparkle.